Privacy policy

  1. The owner of the register
    Attorneys-at-Law Näsman & Båsk Ltd
    Kauppapuistikko 12 B 11, 65100 Vaasa
    Tel. +358 (0)6 356 5600, E-mail

  2. Contact person regarding the register
    Office manager Maarit Näsman

  3. The name of the register
    The usage register for the contact form of Attorneys-at-Law Näsman & Båsk Ltd.’s website.

  4. The purpose of handling personal data
    Personal data is saved, in order to be able to answer contact requests received through the webpage.

  5. The register’s information
    The user can report the following personal information:
    – Name
    – Contact information
    – Message
    Additionally, we will also save the time and date of the sent message.

  6. Statutory information sources
    Information collected in the register comes directly from the users themselves through the webpage.

  7. Statutory transfer of information
    Information from the register can be shared internally within Attorneys-at-Law Näsman & Båsk Ltd, as well as with Attorneys-at-Law Näsman & Båsk Ltd.’s subcontractors.

  8. Disclosure of data outside the EU or the EEA
    Personal data is normally not transferred or disclosed outside the EU or the European Economic Area. The use of certain products and services requires a transmission of data outside of the EU. Such services are the analytics of the website: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Microsoft Clarity (the USA). The grounds for the data transfers are standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission. We have estimated that the data transfer using the above mentioned services will be sufficiently protected.

  9. Protection principles of the register
    Only the register holder and specifically appointed people can access the register. Only named persons can handle and maintain the register information. The users of the register are bound by professional secrecy.

    The network and IT devices where the register is located are protected by a firewall and other technical measures, in order to protect the register from unauthorized access and use.

  10. Cookies
    This page uses cookies. Cookies are information that describes the usage of internet services. They are saved, for example, on the user’s computer and they can be used to steer the communication between the internet browser and the server. The user can choose to block cookies by modifying the settings of their browser.

  11.  Gathering statistics about the usage of the page
    Attorneys-at-Law Näsman & Båsk Ltd collects the following anonymous data through Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Microsoft Clarity:
    – The sites on the webpage visited by the user
    – Time spent on the website
    – How the user arrived at the webpage (e.g. through Google or another webpage)
    – Geographical location with the accuracy of the city
    – Possible interests that the user has declared
    – Gender of the user, in case the user has disclosed this information
    – Which device the user has used for visiting the webpage (e.g. computer, mobile phone, tablet…)

    Google Analytics is a general statistics tool for websites. By using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Microsoft Clarity, Attorneys-at-Law Näsman & Båsk Ltd strives to develop the quality of its services to its customers.

(updated 19.4.2021)