Price list

Hourly fees (incl. VAT 24%)

Attorney-At-Law Christian Näsman372,00 €/h
Attorney-At-Law Björn Båsk 310,00 €/h
Attorney-At-Law Oskar Sundback285,20 €/h
Lawyer Anna Harkkila248,00 €/h
Lawyer Frida Storgeust223,20 €/h
Secretary / Assistant 124,00 €/h
Law student 148,80 €/h

Do you have a legal expenses insurance?

Legal expenses insurance can cover a large part of the costs in both civil and criminal proceedings. Therefore, it is always worth checking with your insurance company if a legal expenses insurance is included in your home insurance.

Asianajaja Oskar Sundback & asianajaja Christian Näsman

Do you want a price estimate?

As it can be difficult to estimate how broad a case can be – or turn out to be, you can contact us to get an estimate of costs for your specific case.