Price list

Price list for certain legal documents (incl. VAT 24%)

Continuing power of attorneyfrom 250,00 €
Two continuing powers of attorney at one timefrom 400,00 €
Prenuptial agreementfrom 280,00 € + reg. fee
Last will and testamentfrom 400,00 €
Deed of salefrom 400,00 €
Deed of gift for movablesfrom 400,00 €
Deed of gift for real estatefrom 450,00 €
Deed of sale for real estatefrom 500,00 €
If the time-based fee will exceed the above-mentioned minimum prices, the assignment is charged in accordance with the hourly rates.

Expenses such as the fee for public purchase witnessing and costs for certificates of title are added to the above-mentioned prices.

Hourly fees (incl. VAT 24%)

Attorney-At-Law Christian Näsman372,00 €/h
Attorney-At-Law Björn Båsk 310,00 €/h
Attorney-At-Law Oskar Sundback285,20 €/h
Lawyer Anna Harkkila248,00 €/h
Lawyer Frida Storgeust248,00 €/h
Secretary / Assistant 124,00 €/h
Law student 148,80 €/h

Do you have a legal expenses insurance?

Legal expenses insurance can cover a large part of the costs in both civil and criminal proceedings. Therefore, it is always worth checking with your insurance company if a legal expenses insurance is included in your home insurance.

Asianajaja Oskar Sundback & asianajaja Christian Näsman

Do you want a price estimate?

As it can be difficult to estimate how broad a case can be – or turn out to be, you can contact us to get an estimate of costs for your specific case.